About Us

VSITOO is the representative of the new brand under Guangdong Jimi Youpin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., and it is also the core brand of Huawei Honor's own choice of ecological products. It focuses on smart life products such as smart mug, and focuses on the concept of smart health. With trend design and AI life applications The combination makes the smart mug in the new era a traditional "icebreaker".

AI is a revolution, and innovation is a subversion. VSITOO will continue to launch technology products covering multiple scenarios of life, and is committed to building a mobile phone + smart health product ecosystem, bringing consumers an AI life experience and a trend-leading lifestyle.

Company Culture


Leading the new trend of healthy drinking water


Through industrial aesthetics and extreme innovation, change everyone's perception of traditional mugs


Focus on user experience, insist on high-quality output, and continue to learn and innovate


R & D Strength

R & D Fund

VSITOO attaches great importance to R&D innovation. The annual R&D investment accounts for nearly 25% of the company's management funds, and it continues to increase the proportion of investment to accelerate the improvement of scientific and technological innovation capabilities.

National Patent

As of March 2020, VSITOO has applied for 17 core patent technologies and 8 software copyrights, of which invention patents and utility model patent applications account for up to 80%. leading technology.

R & D Personnel

It has an independent "Intelligent Technology and Internet of Things R&D Center", and the team has more than 8 years of R&D experience. At the same time, it makes full use of external resources such as universities and research institutes, national laboratories and international advanced testing institutions for cooperation and innovation.
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