Smart For You

Looking for the youth who have an attitude towards life and experience the surprises brought by each smart mug together

Strong heat preservation/24H constant temperature
The first 3-layer stainless steel cup body, long-term heat preservation and cold preservation
Intelligent constant temperature technology, tea is not cold when people walk
Industry innovative water quality testing technology
TDS water quality testing patented technology
Invert the mug easily understand the water quality
Smartphone Control
Customize the drinking water reminder, check the real-time status of the water cup at any time
VSITOO is the representative of the new brand under Guangdong Jimi Youpin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., and it is also the core brand of Huawei Honor's own choice of ecological products. It focuses on smart life products such as smart mug, and focuses on the concept of smart health. With trend design and AI life applications The combination makes the smart mug in the new era a traditional "icebreaker".

AI is a revolution, and innovation is a subversion. VSITOO will continue to launch technology products covering multiple scenarios of life, and is committed to building a mobile phone + smart health product ecosystem, bringing consumers an AI life experience and a trend-leading lifestyle.
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